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Fenrir Ragnarok Online - The Beginning


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Fenrir Ragnarok Online, Transcendence

Greetings, our dear fellow RO player. It is that time of the year again to rise up and create new memories, rekindle nostalgia, and fleeting familiarity to an old, yet exciting game.

What is Fenrir, and why should you play in the server?

Fenrir RO is a classic mid-rate transcendence server hosted at Los Angeles, USA that features progressive, and seasonal updates that focuses on legacy competitions. Why Los Angeles? As most server opens up in SEA, we believe most regions can compete evenly in Los Angeles and can partake into international competition. The server will start fresh from Episode 10.4: Hugel with the rates of 30x for Base/Job Experience, and General Drop Rate of 5x. We are a group of aspiring individuals who wants to inspire, and remind our fellow RO players what real Ragnarok is. Custom NPCs that cater ease of access to a wide variety of in-game services such as Healer, Warper, Job Changer, and etc. The server will also have a competitive battlegrounds to further spice up the game, and will be updated progressively. Seasonal events? You heard it right! The server will have casual, seasonal, and active events that will keep the server alive without overflowing rewards that breaks the balance within.

The server promises stable, fair gameplay, no corruption, and longevity. We are expected to open this December 2021 at around 2nd week or 3rd week. Final date will be posted in a different thread.

Please, visit our forums for the full detailed information regarding our server.

Follow us, and join our social platforms!

Official Website: https://www.fenrir-ro.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/its.fenrirro/
Discord: https://discord.gg/Ud9nAAd3c6

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