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Guild Package 1.0


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Guild Package 1.0


Hello, Dear Adventurer!

Thank you for your interest to check out what we offer for incoming guilds who wanted to apply for the package. Terms and conditions apply for the following.


How to apply for the Guild Package?

  • A guild must have at least 13 unique members. No duplicates.
  • Willing to provide a Guild Banner for advertisement purposes.
  • You may message any of the Game Master Staffs in any of the following platforms. (Facebook, Discord, etc.)

EQUIPMENTS (Guild Leader & Guild Members)

  • +6 2309.pngCoat [1]
  • +6 2102.gifGuard/Shield/Buckler [1]
  • +6 2502.gifHood [1]
  • +6 2403.gifShoes [1]
  • +6 7550.gif Weapon Ticket (List of weapons available in the NPC Redeemer of this item)

SEALED CARDS (Guild Leader & Guild Members)
The following cards have reduced effects and does not give their original card effects.

  • card.gif Sealed Raydric Card
  • card.gif Sealed Zerom Card
  • card.gif Sealed Marc Card
  • card.gif Sealed Alligator Card
  • card.gif Sealed Thara Frog Card
  • card.gif Sealed Horn Card
  • card.gif Sealed Noxious Card
  • card.gif Sealed Hydra Card
  • card.gif Sealed Matyr Card

CONSUMABLES (Guild Leader & Guild Members)

  • 300,000z
  • 40x 14003.gif Elite Siege Box
  • 5x 12210.gif Bubble Gum
  • 10x 12208.gif Battle Manual
  • 10x 12208.gif Job Battle Manual
  • 40x 6231.gif Kafra Ticket
  • 1x 7550.gif 7D VIP Premium Ticket
  • 7x7550.gif  Rental Item Redeemer Ticket
  • 2x 7619.gifEnriched Elunium
  • 2x 7620.gifEnriched Oridecon
  • 7x 985.gifElunium
  • 7x 984.gifOridecon
  • 1x 7550.gif Gym Pass

These items are not included in the partial items that will be given, the guild must participate first in a Trial WoE/Official WoE before they can claim these items to avoid abuse.

  • 5,000,000z
  • 2,000 Cash Points
  • 3x Guild Supplies Ticket
  • 2x Valkyrja's Set (Guild Bounded)
  • 5x Instant Job Ticket (Guild Bounded)
  • 3x WoE Card Set (Guild Bounded)

This package will be improved every episode update of the server.




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