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Streamer's Program: The Models of the Server


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Streamer's Program v1.0


As the new age of advertisement falls of on Streamers, it is now the most in-demand content creators in our state of RO currently. It is why we NEED you!

How to qualify as a streamer in FenrirRO?

  • You must have a Discord Account.
  • You must have at least 100 followers in your streaming page.
  • No history of toxicity issues in stream.
  • You must stream stream atleast 2 to 3 hours, 4x a week (atleast)
  • Message any of the Game Master staffs, or the Administrator to apply.

What are my incentives for being a streamer?

  • For streamers who had applied before the Grand Opening, streamers will instantly get the Streamer's Package and will no longer be on probation. After the opening, a new streamer must streamer 2-3 times before being qualified as an official streamer.
  • Exclusive Streamer's Costume Set
    • C Streamer's Headset
    • C Streamer's Screen
    • C Streamer's Aura
      • Exclusive Combo Effect: Increases Movement Speed, and drop rate. This only works in PVE map modes only.
  • Exclusive Donation Commissions Code
    • Every streamer will get a unique code that donators can use to get more bonus, 10% of the donated amount will be directed to the streamer itself.
  • Exclusive Cash Incentives
    • For streamers that are working very hard to promote our server, we give cash incentives based on the output and content that had been provided by giving us weekly statistics of their streams.
  • Exclusive Daily Supplies
    • Streamers that had completed 3 hours of stream for the day, will receive their streamer supplies on the next day. These are automated, and should only be interacted by the streamers itself.
  • Exclusive Giveaway Boxes
    • Giveaway boxes are provided to your lucky winners in your streamer giveaway.
  • Exclusive Referral System
    • This will be personally discussed when you are qualified as a streamer in FenrirRO.

Why should you be a streamer in Fenrir?

  • We will be plugging your streams in different pages on media platforms presented.
  • Exposure, and you can practice your stream with us.
  • Stream, have fun, and get paid!
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